Why Maine Mendoza is a Showbiz Gamechanger

Maine Mendoza catapulted to fame in her Yaya Dub days in Eat Bulaga. From 2015, her influence magnifies to her fans and casual observers of the entertainment industry. More than the accolades and support she gained, and from a neophyte in showbiz to a household name in Eat Bulaga, she turns into a game changer in her own unique ways. In the showbiz industry wherein celebrities are expected to follow a certain image molded for them, here is she defying those norms.

Merriam Webster defined game changer as “a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.“ As Maine remains true to herself while traversing in showbiz, she can be considered a game changer. In what ways did, she, unknowingly to herself, became one?

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A Pessimist who Inspires with Her Words

“I look out for the bad things, know there is bad that can happen to me, and expect bad things to happen to me. I do fear everyday that one great and terrible thing may happen… This is when I feel paranoid, angry or otherwise negatively towards the world. But deep down, when the clouds of confusion are gone I realize that good can happen and has happened to me.” 

The 23-yr old celebrity admitted in her blog entry I dare you to figure me out, that she is a pessimist. Despite of this, she inspires people with her words as she shares her random insights about life. She

“It made me realize most of the things worth doing starts with being nervous or terrified. You just gotta take the leap and make it happen. You might just be amazed at what you could achieve and how far your jump can take you ONLY if you take the chance. Sabi nga sa Nike, “just do it”! Some things are always worth a try. At the end of the day, chances are you’ll be thanking yourself for taking the risk because it made you happy… or at least alive.

This from her IG post about her skydiving experience. She compared that activity to taking the leap of faith in life. These are just some of the inspiring words she shared publicly through her social media account. She also has words of encouragement in her book and interviews.

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A Best-Selling Author

Speaking of her book “Yup, I Am That Girl”, it ranked first for October and third for December 2017 of “Top 10 Best Sellers” according to National Bookstore. The ranking is the accumulated sales in those months regardless if the books are local, international, fiction, or non-fiction.

Mendoza wrote the entire content of her first released book. She lets readers know more about herself through the 8 chapters of her autobiography-like book. It’s definitely a treat for her fans as she shared more about herself in writing it.

An Introvert but Never Intimidated in any Production Number

“I also actually consider myself as an introvert in some way; I don’t like getting along with a bunch of people and most times, I prefer being alone. My friends and my family are the only ones who can say that I am weird and lunatic because they are the only people who get to see the real me.”

Maine mentioned in her blog post REBLOGGED: Social Media Personalities Who Aspire to Inspire, that she is an introvert. Oftentimes, the common notion of introverts is they are too shy to perform on stage. But lo and behold! here is Mendoza who energetically performed in Eat Bulaga a heart-stopping production number to the music of Alarma.  In some portions of dance number, she was tossed in mid-air. Any slight hesitations in her step might result to injuries. She just showed introverts like her could showcase an all-out performance.

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A Known Endorser of Different Products Despite Limited Exposure in Mainstream Media

The Dubmash Queen is a popular endorser among companies. Some of her endorsements include germicidal soap, feminine wash, bleach, perfume, travel luggage, high-end watch, retail store commonly in airports, fast food chain, packed tocino, canned goods like sardines and mushroom, ice cream, karaoke, and telco company, etc.

In addition, an international cosmetics line as one of their influencers tapped her and a real estate corporation to be their newest ambassador entrusted her. From everyday products to expensive commodities, these varied companies trusted Mendoza. With her limited TV exposure and projects, they still saw the efficiency of her influence to market their products.

A Rich Family’s Daughter Willing to Encounter Other People’s Lives

The Mendoza family manages businesses. In addition, Maine herself owns a fast food franchise. In spite of their financial stability, she is willing to be with the ordinary people. Through the Juan for All, All for Juan (JFAAFJ) segment of Eat Bulaga, she is part of the Sugod Bahay group with comedy trio Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros collectively called as JoWaPao. They don’t mind the extreme heat and overwhelming crowd as they visit the lucky winner’s home.

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Fans remember her too for the social experiment as a taong grasa in one of the Eat Bulaga’s Dabarkads challenge before. She was unrecognizable as a homeless girl begging for food and people in the streets avoided her.  True enough, she showed her intentions to know these people’s lives by engaging with them.

A Social Media Savvy

Social media is Mendoza’s way of connecting to people. She is most active in her verified Twitter and Instagram personal accounts. Her ask.fm has witty replies to questions and messages. Her Facebook account is verified too. She uploads her Youtube channel into which she created and edited the content. She posts her written works in her blog site, mostly she use it for elaborately narrating an event she experienced.

Recently, she launched Humans of Barangay both in Facebook and Instagram. Humans of Barangay is her own take of the Humans of New York. She integrates her interest for photography and intention to feature different stories of ordinary people.

Needless to say, she maximizes the reach of the World Wide Web to connect to people in different ways while she shares her thoughts and passion through these online platforms.

A Potential Drama Actress and a Comedic Host

Even though Mendoza is a newbie in the showbiz, she has a good rapport with JoWaPao who each has years of experience ahead of her. Her spontaneity and animated personality as a host reinforced her flair for comedy. For drama, her roles in Love Is… and Taray ni Tatay both showed a varied and more subtle and impactful approach in portraying her respective characters.

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A Brave Soul Ready to Face the Consequences

Last 2017, Mendoza trended in Twitter without a pre-planned hashtag party of her fans. First instance was when a lucky winner in JFAAFJ revealed she experienced depression before. The Eat Bulaga host showed support for the daily winner and explained, “Hindi biro yun ah, yung depression….Hindi siya joke kasi maraming nakakaranas ng ganon, lalo na sa mga kabataan. kaya dapat kapag may nakakaranas ng ganon, bigyan natin ng suporta,“  Even non-supporters commended her for speaking up despite the differences of opinions between her and veteran host Joey de Leon. Eat Bulaga broadcasts live hence the subtle clash of opinions was noticeable, nevertheless, she stood up for people experiencing depression.

The second instance was when she released her open letter through her blog and posted screenshots of it in Twitter. It became a crucial point in her career as opinions were divided if she did the right or wrong thing. Mendoza herself knew the open letter may be detrimental in her career as she mentioned “kahit sampu lang yan” as she referred to the fans who will remain. One thing is for sure; her true supporters in the form of her family, friends, and fans stayed by her side and appreciated her decision for speaking out the truth. She took the risks in facing these two challenges. Both created a buzz in Twitter hence she trended in those two instances without an organized hashtag.

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As of this writing time, Maine Mendoza is nearing three years in the showbiz industry. Will she continue to be a game changer in the future? How will it affect the course of her career? Only time can tell.

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