What Kate Spade’s Suicide Tells Us

The fashion world was shocked by the news of Kate Spade’s apparent suicide.

The known bag designer was found dead at the age of 55 in her New York City apartment.

Although Mental Health awareness campaigns have had a significant increase over the years, the rate of suicide is still growing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 800,000 people in the world die because of suicide yearly.

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Meanwhile in the Philippines, a statistics released by Global Burden of Disease shows that our country has the highest rate of depressed people in Southeast Asia. Of 100,000 Filipinos, 5.2% of it (5,200) commit suicide.

There are many people out there like Kate Spade. It must seem that they have it all, but deep inside, they feel empty. If someone opened up to you about their feelings, especially about their deep feelings of sadness, do not disregard them. Listen. Sometimes, all they need is someone who will listen.

For people who need someone to talk to, we have a landline here in the Philippines dedicated to Mental Health issues.

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You can call (02) 804.4673, and (0917) 558-4673 or 2919. This line is toll-free for Globe and TM subscribers.

Let the people you trust listen to you.

Our condolences go out to Kate Spade’s family and loved ones. May she continue to sparkle above.


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Banner photo from Queerty.com


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