What are the Benefits of Honey Water?

Honey is a thick, golden liquid produced by bees using the nectar of flowering plants.

Until the introduction of sugar in the sixteenth century, honey was used as the world’s sweetener.

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For a refreshing surge of energy, use it as a substitute for sugar in your tea or hot chocolate. Prepare sandwiches with cheese, honey, and meat for kids after school and combine this with a honey drink to guzzle the snack. This will help your kids recover their spent energy from their activities.

Researches show that when honey is mixed with water, the amazing bacteria-killing properties of honey expand two-fold. Through the mixture, hydrogen peroxide is produced which is the most powerful antibiotic. This is far better than man-made antibiotics and their negative effects on health. However, the honey should be in its unfiltered form and there’s not much difference whether the water is cold or hot.

Explore more through this article and gain insights on the marvels of honey and water. The benefits from this mixture were tried and tested and not concocted stories that were made up.

Lose weight

Pure honey is 80 percent water and the rest is a complex sugar coming from the nectar of flowers. Remove the troubling thought of the sugar part from your mind, it is one of its advantages. The sugar in the honey is natural which gives an active supply of healthy calories. The sweetness can avert your longing for a sugary drink. Like a carbonated soft drink, which contains empty calories. By reducing your pop intake, the calorie admission drops and so do the extra baggage. Losing weight will not happen overnight, but this baby step will direct you towards the right direction.


Honey mixed with water cleanses your body from toxins. It helps you free your body from contaminants that can develop and cause illness. It helps you to improve your digestive system and stay healthy through its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Your bowel movements will be smooth and regular, colon and large intestines will be healthy.

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Cures a sore throat and coughs

The soreness and aggravation of a sore throat can be diminished. The water soothes while the honey coats the throat. This combination reduces coughs which are caused by a sore throat. Honey also kills bacteria that causes the infection.

Reduce allergy

Honey introduces allergen into your body and can activate your immune system. This adjusts your body to the pollen in your area which reduces your weakness to natural allergies.


Honey is an all in one remarkable substance, it can be a condiment to whip up a delicious food, and has medicinal benefits that will keep you healthy.

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