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‘Spread The Love Blog’ and Win a Valentine Vacation For Two to Cebu

The love month is fast approaching, and Claire Delfin Media wants to give you the most memorable Valentine Date for you and your loved one!

If you are thinking of Cebu as your next romantic travel getaway, or planning to take someone here to marvel at the attractions of the Queen City of the South, this is the competition for you!

Photo from: Philippine Airlines

Get a chance to fly with Philippine Airlines together with your precious someone, and spend a two-night stay at Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu with free complimentary breakfast for two.

Just join Claire Delfin Media’s Spread The Love Blog competition. Rules are simple. Send us your most romantic article about love and make others celebrate the love month through your words.

From all the entries, we will be selecting qualified articles based on content and grammar. All qualified entries will then be posted on the website. At the end of the competition, the article with the most number of views will be declared the Love Blog Champion!

Deadline of Submission of Entries: February 9, 2018

Announcement of Love Blog Champion: February 28

See full mechanics below:


  1. Subscribe to Claire Delfin Media’s mailing list by clicking this link: Newsletter.
  2. Submit your most romantic blog entry (personal essay) at, together with your short profile and photo.
  3. Entries must be at least 300 words, and must be written in either English or Filipino.
  4. Entries must be original and must not be published in any platform prior to submission.
  5. Participants can only send one entry under their name.
  6. Entries will be assessed by Claire Delfin Media’s content team based on grammar, composition and quality of content. Only qualified entries will be posted on the website.
  7. Once submitted, all entries belong to Claire Delfin Media.
  8. To qualify for assessment, entries must be submitted not later than 11:59pm of February 9.
  9. All qualified entries will be posted at on February 10, not later than 9am.
  10. Qualified entries will also be posted on Claire Delfin Media’s social media sites. The first entries received will be posted first.
  11. Participants are allowed to do any online campaign, as long as every post will bear the hashtag: #CDMLoveBlog
  12. Claire Delfin Media will post partial and unofficial results every Friday, prior to the announcement of winner.
  13. Claire Delfin Media will determine the winner based on the number of views on the website on February 27, 11:59pm.
  14. The blog entry with the most number of views on the website will be declared the winner.
  15. The contest is open to all, regardless of age, religion, nationality, and gender. However, tickets will be issued on the nearest airport of the winner’s origin within the Philippines.
  16. The winner will receive two (2) roundtrip tickets to Cebu via Philippine Airlines, and a 2-night stay at Marco Polo Hotel with free breakfast.

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