Saying Goodbye With a Grateful Heart

It has never crossed my mind to be actually taking journalism as a course in college. Neither did I see myself going mainstream media. After graduation, I was ready to fly and travel the whole world for free. However, life is truly full of surprises and fate has indeed brought me where I am right now.

About 11 years ago, I set foot on a journey that is unpredictable and sometimes life-threatening. It was more than a decade of fruitful and inspiring experience that is best narrated as follows:

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The 1st year was enticing…

2nd was exciting…

Learned a lot from the 3rd…

Gained ground on the 4th…

5th and 6th years were steady and stable…

Started to share what I learned on the 7th…

8th was fruitful…

Reaped more fruits of labor on the 9th…

Tried to get back to the feeling of starting over again on the 10th

Promised to remain humble and genuinely helpful to others on my 11th…

And as I’m about to enter the 12th…

Im choosing to walk away.

It is not not because I’m coward but because I’m brave enough to embrace the fact that there’s more to life out there.

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I’m walking away to face more challenging opportunities.

I’m walking away with a happy and grateful heart.

My life as a journalist led me to believing that it’s more of a romanticized passion that makes me fall in and out of love over and over again.

Every failure or heartache carries with it the story of triumph.

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As a learned man once said that our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. So when I look back, I relish the moments that made me cry like a child, but consequently made me happy inside.

I am often asked about my most unforgettable story and my usual reply would always be: No matter how big or small a story is, what matters most is how impactful each story has become or how a positive change has arisen from a life story well narrated and has inspired others.

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Allow me to thank you all for making me realize the dream of becoming a broadcast journalist. I am beyond blessed to have been part of an award-winning news organization. Each day has been a memorable and learning experience.

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Rest assured that in my own little way, I will continue to pursue my advocacy in Campus Journalism. “Knowledge is useless if it is not shared with others. It becomes wisdom if you get others to learn too. Learn, Share, Inspire!”

Sa lahat ng inspirasyon at daan para ako matuto sa industriyang ito, maraming salamat!

Hanggang sa muli at sa huling pagkakataon, mula sa tahanan ng katotohanan, Ako po si Steeeeeve Dailisan, officially signing off.

Steve Dailisan is a World Silver Medalist at the 2014 New York Festival and a Finalist at the 2013 Japan Prize for his documentary “Kicks of Hope” (Sipa ng Pagasa) for The Brigade (Brigada), an award winning News and Public Affairs show of GMA News TV, the leading and most trusted News Organization in the Philippines.

In 2014, he was recognized as a “Fellow” of the prestigious Jaime V. Ongpin Awards for Journalism Excellence, a yearly event organized by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR)

Steve’s hard work, dedication and passion for the craft earned him noteworthy recognitions such as the 1st Leaf Award for Media 2013, 2015 Outstanding Filipino Journalist of the Golden Globe Awards, 2016 Indieng Indie Festival’s Most Trusted Media Personality,

Most Outstanding Male News Reporter of the 1st Gawad Lasallianeta 2017, 2017 Most Outstanding Broadcaster of the Public Attorneys Office and Best Male TV Reporter nominations from various Schools and Universities in the country.

Apart from delivering news and information, he has been constantly involved with community-related projects and activities which made him a Gintong Kabataan Awardee(Golden Youth Awardee) in 2014 presented by the Provincial Government of Bulacan.

Prior to being a multi-awarded media practitioner, he took up Bachelor in Journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines where he graduated Magna Cum laude and Valedictorian among the more than 6,000 graduates of his batch. He completed his post graduate degree, Master in Communication at the PUP Open University in 2017.

It was in 2007 when he started as a News Correspondent. From crime stories in the night beat, he progressed quickly, covering Politics, Conflict, Business and Transportation beats.

Much as he loves reporting on the field, he has also been given the opportunity to anchor special coverages and hourly news bulletins Flash Report and News TV Live in GMA Network and GMA News TV,respectively.

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