Raj Transient Home: A Must For Your Tagaytay Itinerary

My friends and I went to Tagaytay after our staycation at Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay City. It was just a spur of the moment extension of our long weekend vacation. What was supposedly a quick bonding over dinner and coffee at The Twin Lakes turned out to be an overnight stay in Tagaytay. At 9 in the evening, unsure of Tagaytay’s public transportation, we had to find a place where we could stay considering our budget of less than 2,000 pesos. There were four of us, plus a 5-year old kid. Where could we possibly stay?

My friends and I during our quick stay in Tagaytay

Finding A Place To Stay

We tried inquiring for affordable accommodations, but it was hard to find one since it was a long weekend and hotels and homestays that are easily searchable through Google were fully booked. Luckily, we stumbled upon a new transient home approximately 30 minutes away from The Twin Lakes.

Raj Transient Home exterior

We called Raj Transient Home, and the owner was so nice in assisting us. However, we were told that no buses or jeepneys pass by The Twin Lakes past 9 pm. Thus, we had to ride a tricycle going to Crossing. The ride cost us 200 pesos. Fortunately, afterwards, we were able to ride a bus en route to Pasay at the border going to Alfonso, Cavite. Raj Transient Home is located at Camella Homes in Buho so the bus just dropped us off there.

Camella Homes in Buho

Raj Transient Home

Considering the accommodation rate of less than 1,500 pesos for a 4-pax room, plus a 300-peso cleaning fee, we didn’t expect much of the place. But, wow. When we arrived, the place is simple but very homey and inviting. It was a beautiful transient home with enough amenities to make guests comfortable. It also has two rooms that could accommodate at most 6 guests.


In terms of value for money, Raj Transient Home is a real steal. Their rates are affordable, which is necessary for budget travellers like us.

Here are their rates:


Room 1 — PhP 1,150

Room 2 — PhP 850


Room 1 — PhP 1,300

Room 2 — PhP 850

They charge 300 pesos for the cleaning fee. However, if you book two rooms, the fee will be divided into two.

Common area at Raj Transient Home

There’s a TV for everyone to use.
Dining area at Raj Transient Home


The theme of the transient house is country, which makes it even more inviting and relaxing. The interiors are well thought of, with cute wallpapers that are instagram-worthy. In fact, albeit small, the interiors of Raj Transient Home could satisfy your photography enthusiasm. You just have to find the right angle and position.

Fancy lighting

This can be the place for your next pictorial
Even the light switch is cute!
A nice wall print I really like
My little happy corner
Instagram-worthy corner
With my friends

For travellers, bathroom is an issue. It can make or break a vacation. Here, worry not because they have two clean bathrooms with interiors that fit the general theme of the house.

Bathroom at the 2nd floor

Bathroom at the 2nd floor
Bathroom at the 1st floor
Bathroom at the 1st floor

Our Bedroom

Our room sealed the deal. It felt like staying within the comforts of our own home. It was a plus that the area has a very cool, chilling even, climate so it was a 360-degree departure from the heat of the Metro.

The owners can provide additional mattresses so don’t worry about tagging your friends along. The room smelled nice, and the bed sheets and comforters were all clean.

Our bedroom

You can also rent this place.
There’s a terrace perfect for your midnight bonding.
A wall print in the room
Another wall print in the room.
Some corner in the house
It’s for the artsy too!
I made this my Facebook cover photo.

Highly recommended!

I recommend this place for your next Tagaytay staycation. It’s located at Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Amadeo, Cavite. It’s inside the Camella Homes in Buho. Don’t worry about getting lost, because the owner is ready to fetch you when you enter Camella Homes.

With the owners Sir Justin (left) and Sir Alex (right)

For bookings and inquiries, you may contact Sir Alex at 09472397047 or Sir Justin at 09494411355. You may also check their Facebook page here.

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