OPM’s Not Dead (Vol. 2)

Indeed OPM classics are classics for a reason. But as the years passed, everyone’s eager to hear fresh sounds and new renditions of old favorites. Luckily, the Philippines continuously spurs out talented individuals that spread the beauty of music to the next generations!

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Despite Filipinos being sticklers for groups and bands, some solo-acts have stolen the spotlight in the music industry! These are rising artists to definitely watch out for:

#5 – Reese Lansangan

Photo courtesy to Reese Lansangan’s Facebook page.

Known for her covers of fan-favorites, Reese finally ventured out of her comfort zone and got into writing her own – yay for self-growth! Of course, she still brings along the Classic Reese that we’ve grown to love while adding her own sentimental touch when it comes to her lyrics and tunes. That’s why we really gotta keep our eyes peeled for more surprises she has in store for her fans!

Have you heard?!Grammar Nazi 

Quotable Line –“My momma told me it’s unwise / To like a boy who is just nice / Who couldn’t put apostrophe s’s / On his possessives.”


#4 – Clara Benin

Photo courtesy to Clara Benin’s Facebook page.

Stepping out of the shadows of her father (former Side A member – Joey Benin), Clara is beginning to make a name for herself in the industry. Originally known for her covers, she’s now letting her own soulful voice be heard through alluring lyrics that will surely captivate both old fans and new!

Have you heard?!Araw’t Gabi

Quotable Line –“Masakit talagaang mag-mahal / ‘Pag alam mong mahal niya’y naglaho na.”


#3 – Moira Dela Torre

Photo courtesy to Moira Dela Torre’s Facebook page.

Our resident heartbreaker – through music! Despite having upbeat songs once in a while, Moira is more widely known for her heart-wrenching lyrics perfectly sung with such a pure and melancholic voice. Tears are definitely shed whether we hear her on the radio waves or at the end credits of our recent favorite films! And yup, she can still make people cry even while singing happy songs!

Have you heard?!Malaya

Quotable Line –“Baka sakaling makita kitang muli / Pagsikat ng araw, paglipas ng gabi.”


#2 – QUEST

Photo courtesy to Quest’s Facebook page.

Being the sole male on the list doesn’t discount him from anything! As a versatile artist of his craft, QUEST can outstandingly perform a whole variety of songs ranging from rap, hip-hop, and even R&B! But of all his works, one standout involves a cryfest filled with honest lyrics and raw emotions sung with such heartfelt feelings that will dig right into your soul. Tissues = definitely needed!

Have you heard?!Walang Hanggan 

Quotable Line –“Ginawa ko na ang lahat / ‘di pa din sapat / kasi ika’y mawawala na.”



#1 – Karencitta

Photo courtesy to Karencitta’s Facebook page.

Who says only people in the metro can hit the charts? And who says a quirky and very upbeat song written in dialect cannot be number 1? Karen Ann Cabrera (popularly known as Karencitta) emerged against all odds and had everyone jumping and dancing to her unique beats – whether they completely understand it or not! We definitely need more of these jams showcasing our vibrant culture and thanks to her, things just might finally get rolling!

Have you heard?!Cebuana

Quotable Line –“You really need a Cebuana / I’m more than a summertime lover.”


Surely there are more gifted individuals out there waiting to be discovered, so never give up on your craft and keep doing what you love. Who knows, you might end up on one of these lists one day! For now, let me plug my earphones in because it’s time to listen to more of my favorite jams in town!

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How about you? Any big-shot musicians you can’t get enough of? Make sure to give ‘em some love and let us know in the comments below!

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