OPM’s Not Dead (Vol. 1)

Music is definitely a language that everyone can understand. It doesn’t only speak to one’s senses but rather, speak to the soul.

With the emergence of several musical influences coming around the globe (I’m looking at you, K-POP), it might be difficult at times to see the beauty of our own music.

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However, these following artists are living proof that Original Pinoy Music (OPM) will never die as long as we believe in its magic enough, because hey – we actually got some real, amazing talents right here!

#5 – 3D (Danao, Dumas, Dancel)

Photo courtesy to 3D: Danao, Dancel, Dumas’ Facebook page.

Who knew three musical geniuses – each with unique and distinct voices – can achieve perfect harmony? Well, Johnoy Danao, Bullet Dumas, and Ebe Dancel (collectively known as 3D) easily breezed through the impossible and beautifully pierced our hearts with their soulful renditions.

Have you heard?!Burnout (a rendition of Sugarfree’s original)

Quotable Line –“O, kay tagal din kitang minahal / o, kay tagal din kitang minahal.”


#4 – The Ransom Collective

Photo courtesy to The Ransom Collective’s Facebook page.

Speaking of unusual combinations, Indie-folk has been making waves in the music scene and one of the notable groups headlining is The Ransom Collective. Whether it’s a chill night or an open road trip with the squad, they definitely got you covered with their unique music that is completely refreshing to the ears.

Have you heard?!Settled

Quotable line –“Wait and see what it means / I’m telling you, telling you there’s so much more than what you settled for.”


#3 – Autotelic

Photo courtesy to Autotelic’s Facebook page.

Fun but fuzzy, Autotelic’s music is definitely one of the top faves during gigs and music shows. With their catchy tune and witty lines, you won’t be able to stop humming their tunes and eventually sing along (of course, after googling their lyrics so you wouldn’t miss out on anything!)

Have you heard?!Languyin

Quotable line –“Mundo ko’y baliktarin / Babalik-balik ka rin / Tila di nauubusan ng hangin at ng paraan.”


#2 – IV Of Spades

Photo courtesy to IV of Spades’ Facebook page.

If you say you haven’t heard of these wonderful kids, then you’re lying (or living under a rock? Then we gotta fix that – stat!) Despite hitting the headlines recently (we’re all gonna miss you, Unique!), the quirky band reminiscent of the good ole’ Beatles still manages to get their fans together through their funky beats and heart-tugging lyrics.

Have you heard?! (aside from their latest Mundo which I’m pretty sure most of you have already heard) –Ilaw Sa Daan

Quotable line –“Kung makikita mo naman / lahat sila ay nagkakaisa / Tumatalon, sumisigaw / humihiyaw ang iba sa kanila.”


#1 – Ben & Ben

Photo courtesy to Ben & Ben’s Facebook page.

Bring out the tissues because breaking hearts can already be heard even before Ben & Ben (previously known as The Benjamins) claims the stage. Their right-in-the-feels songs induce the kind of pain you’ll want to hear over and over again – as if it’s the balm that soothes your broken heart but reminds you of the pain at the same time! That’s how raw and real Ben & Ben’s music and lyrics are – just pure, emotional, poetry tugging at our heartstrings! #relate

Have you heard?!Kathang Isip

Quotable line –The entire song is iconic and definitely hugot-worthy. Just go and listen to it already!

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The list goes on and on but these top 5 are surely good places to start! Whether you’re in the mood for jumping and dancing or going senti while raindrops are falling outside, there’s definitely something in the Philippine Music Discography that will fit your style!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Spotify and get those playlists rolling!

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