Nadine Lustre Pulls Off a Beyoncé with New Single ‘St4y Up’

Nadine Lustre pleases fans by pulling off a Beyoncé marketing tactic with the surprise release of her new song, St4y Up. She has been teasing the song since October last year, but the release caught fans off guard since it wasn’t hyped the way previous tracks by Lustre were marketed.

Hours after it became available, #St4yUpByNadineLustre trended on Twitter as fans were quick to praise Lustre for her latest effort. Adding up to the craze is the fact that the song was a departure from Lustre’s pop-inspired discography. It was also a synonymous move from Lustre’s real life partner, James Reid, who recently released a The Weeknd-esque sound via his hit Cool Down off his album Palm Dreams. APAC New APAC New Zealand

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Moreover, the best thing about St4y Up is the evident maturity in Lustre’s verses and sound. Known for her bubblegum pop roots, Lustre delivered an R & B-infused EDM track embellished by her signature sweet tone.

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Fans, though, might be surprised by Lustre’s sexualized undertones in her lyrics. But, it could be her way of embracing the power of her femininity which should be celebrated by all means. Lustre may have gone several routes away from who she was previously known as a celebrity, but it only goes to show that her artistry is constantly evolving in the world that requires artists to stay the same to be safe from ridicule.

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Lustre’s bravery must be praised because a true artist does not stay on the same place. Rather, she must be on places no one has ever gone to. This, in way or the other, could be a gateway for Lustre’s longevity in the industry.

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Now, a music video directed by Petersen Vargas (2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten) is in the works. We just have to wait and see where Lustre’s newfound career trajectory would lead us next.

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