Nadine Lustre Expresses Powerful Sexuality in ‘St4y Up’ Music Video

For some, Nadine Lustre’s official video for her latest release ‘St4y Up’ might seem a little bit off. For one, it’s not the image Lustre was known for. Second, she sexualized her music video as if telling the world she’s now a grown woman making grown up decisions. That does not necessarily sit well with all types of audiences.

Truth be told, however, Lustre’s move to change drastically her musical image may be surprising but nonetheless still fascinating. Lustre’s new image, in fact, implies that a woman should not be stereotyped based on whatever gender role is expected of her.

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Like any independent individual, Lustre can do as she pleases. It’s an expression of sexuality that women can freely enjoy as long as it neither hurts nor violates another person’s being.

But, there might be some sort of ambivalence in the music video’s image as Lustre holds a role model status. Whatever she does has a mightly influence on her followers. However, contemporary times call for new modes of role model portrayals. Lustre’s new music video, hence, may just be what the new times demand.

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In the case of Lustre, her decision to express her sexuality in a liberated manner is courageous. It just means that hate her or love her, Lustre will do as she wishes. It is noteworthy of praise for the singer since she does not care about other people’s opinion. The music video relies on the capacity of her instinct to deliver a creativity that transcends gender stereotypes. That is actually brave since she puts herself at risk of being ridiculed but she mustered enough courage to push this project through. APAC New APAC New Zealand
In today’s show business, Lustre is one of the more exciting characters among her contemporaries. It is inarguable to say that she shows the most artistic freedom as she does not shy away from venturing into newer possibilities in her career. She does not box her potentials into one caged image. She, indeed, is truly a flower that blooms despite adversities.

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If any, the artists of today should take it from Lustre on how to reinvent oneself so that fans and casual spectators will not lose interest.

Admirable though is Lustre’s full grasp of her femininity. It is extremely refreshing to witness a female performer who fully embraces her womanhood without pretenses, especially in a conservative country like the Philippines with the most passionate fans.


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