Moira Dela Torre, Jason Marvin: #RelationshipGoals

Moira Dela Torre has gained recognition in the music industry for her touching songs. Everyone who believes and hopes again for love connects deeply with her songs. Jason Marvin, her fiancé, is equally talented too as he makes a name for himself in the industry.

They caught everyone by surprise as news broke out about their engagement. Fans and their loved ones were delighted to know their story.

Here are four reasons why they are a #RelationshipGoals Couple!

They are Best Friends

Before being lovers, Jason and Moira were best friends who knew each other for years. In an interview, Jason revealed that Moira even helped him in his decisions about dating. Not long after, he started to see her in a different way and pursued her. Their friendship grew into a romantic relationship.

Isn’t it wonderful to have someone you know intimately for a long time? Best friends are comfortable with one another and rely on each other. Best friends want nothing but the best for their loved ones. Indeed, Jason and Moira have a strong foundation in love from their friendship.

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They Share the Same Passion for Music

They breathe music. Needless to say, music is their passion. They both have the gift of singing and they are talented too in playing instruments. One of their top fan favorites is their rendition of Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Cornerstone Entertainment recently welcomed Jason as one of their new artists. This means both of them are now under one entertainment agency, hence, it is possible for them to collaborate on more projects in the future.

It is amazing to have someone special in your life with whom you share the same passion. You understand one another in every success and challenge. Artists like Jason and Moira have their distinct perspective of the world. They can create beautiful songs from brokenness and heartaches. They can turn their story into a stronger piece delivered into songs to inspire more people. Sharing your passion and growing in it with your significant other is priceless.

A Heartwarming Proposal

In their guesting for Gandang Gabi Vice broadcasted last Sunday, April 29, 2018, she revealed her new music video for the song “Tagpuan”. Everyone was surprised and happy seeing at the end of the video, Jason proposed to Moira. They were in a picturesque place facing the sea and sunset. He lovingly said he waited for this moment. True enough, it was a manifestation of true love strengthened by their commitment to one another and faith in God.

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Each one of us dreams of a grand proposal with the love of our life. It is the explicit intention and expression of dedicating each other’s lives for another great chapter, which is marriage. Not all relationships end up in engagement but all engagements come from strong relationships that stood the test of time.

They Have the Same Faith

Jason and Moira are both Christians and they go to the same church. They grew in faith together as they both pursue God in the center of their relationship.

This is a strong factor in making a relationship work. If you both have the same faith, your core beliefs, principles, and values are in line with one another, it will be less difficult for you to communicate and settle conflicts. Lovers connect too on a spiritual level that is why it is important to have the same guiding faith in establishing the relationship.

Here is Jason’s Facebook post about Moira which became viral:

“I asked God for a funny one, He gives me someone who’ll give me abs from laughing. I asked God for a singer, He gives me the most soulful and smoothest voice I’ve ever heard. I asked God for a pretty one, He gives me someone na sinisinat at nahihilo ako when I look at her. I asked God for a Christian, He gives me a woman after God’s own heart, a partner of mine in worship. I love you Momoi! I thank God for exceeding my prayers.”

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True romantic love does exist and bloom. Jason and Moira are a proof of this form of love.

If your heart and mind are ready, the right one will be revealed at the right time, right place, and right circumstances.

How do you feel about Jason and Moira’s love story? Share your thoughts below!

Rosella Jane “RJ” T. Vargas is a Christian by faith. She graduated from PUP-Manila with a degree in AB English. She is a freelance writer and an aspiring public speaker. 

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