Mocha Uson, Angelina Jolie and My Crazy Long-lost Pal

Ms. Mocha Uson, by all means, is one very interesting character.

It is not every day that we get to meet people who managed, albeit awkwardly, transitioned themselves from one end to an extremely opposite end. And Mocha is one of them.

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Allegations of fake news, distorted views, wrong information, and cyber-bullying are legitimate, and the Assistant Secretary, being a government official, must be made to answer to these.

It is but also necessary to demand tact or prudence from an official whose role is supposedly to communicate with the people through the medium that gave her a voice, the social media. But to keep bringing out the morality card against her for her “unsavory” past as a sexy dancer is rather myopic and a downright desperate attempt to dismiss her growing relevance.

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When she was appointed board member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, her critics were quick to question: What does she know? She was just a mere sexy starlet.

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When she vowed to eradicate “soft core pornography” on television, she sent her critics laughing and raising eyebrows, questioning the very irony of a former sexy dancer wanting to end the same sleazy shots she did before.

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But did it ever cross our minds that with her unique experience, she must have known the entertainment industry in ways that we don’t and can’t. Is this not worth pondering on? Honestly, I would have wanted to see how Mocha, an insider in this crazy world of show biz, would have done it.

Of course, when she was later appointed to the Presidential Palace, several people howled: A “stripper” is now leading an office in Malacanang?

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We have barely gotten over it yet when out of nowhere, there came an alumni association of a big and reputable Catholic educational institution giving her an award. It created a lot of uproar, resulting in the resignation of the Alumni Association president, and Mocha returning the APAC New Zealand

These series of Mocha events happening so fast must have driven us nuts. Many question, where did all our standards of righteousness and morality go?

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I can understand it. Mocha’s transition happens like a lightning strike. So quick, it does not allow us time to process, a window to breathe. It also does not allow her that time to breathe and a space to make room for a smooth and graceful transition.

But the kind of transition that Mocha is showing us is not new. We have seen that in several other people, especially women, who were once scandalous but had managed to make a 360-degree turn.

Angeline Jolie is one of the most famous examples of this kind of women.

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She had talked openly about the dark, twisted and dangerous life she used to live. Strange habits with illegal drugs, sadomasochistic relationships (playing with knife during sex), and living-in with a boyfriend at 14 were just among her freakish elements that can easily blow away any sense of normalcy that we may have.

I also remember a dorm mate in college. She was a wild, loud, crazy, rebellious young lady who had a hard time coming to terms with her brokenness brought forward by her childhood and family issues. We lost communication from the time I graduated from university in 1999. Last year, after 18 years, she popped into my Facebook messenger. She gave me a real surprise.

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Of all the people I’ve known, she was definitely the last person I could ever think of as someone who will turn out to be what she is now – a cheerful woman, happily living in a convent as a nun.

Amidst the noise and turbulence in her life, she had managed to find meaning and serenity. Many times in our lives, we have to get lost before we can find ourselves.

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Those people who had gone to hell, to the bottom of pits, to the darkest of corners, when they made it back, they carried with them an incredible level of strength and empathy.

Possibly, Mocha’s dark experiences are the very elements that allowed her to easily connect with the struggle and pain of many of her followers.

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We wonder how Mocha singlehandedly build her army of more than 5 million followers who listen to her, who fight for her. She did in a few months and hardly any marketing strategies what others have been trying to build for several years now, but still less successful.

It is that. It is connection. No argument, what she has established is a deep connection with her followers. But Mocha must take inspiration from Angelina Jolie. It is about time that Mocha take her game to a higher level.

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