Maine Mendoza, Doc Gia Sison Team Up for Mental Health Initiative

Maine Mendoza and Dr. Gia Sison expressed their intentions to work together for mental health. Followers of both these popular Twitter personalities were delighted with their collaboration.

How did it all start?

The Phenomenal Star’s earlier initiative, Humans of Barangay, featured a story about a daughter who loves her mother despite of being physically abused by her. Here is an excerpt from the daughter’s personal narration, “Lumaki akong sinasaktan ng nanay ko.. may problema kasi siya sa pagiisip….Lumaki akong binubugbog at kinukulong ng sarili kong ina. Eh ilang beses man niya akong sinaktan, hindi ko man naiintindihan yung pinagdadaanan niya, mahal na mahal ko pa din yun syempre kasi nanay ko yun eh.”

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The Thomasian alumnus doctor read the entry and commended Mendoza for her project into which the Dubsmash queen replied by thanking her and proudly mentioned she is a “Brgy. Girl”.

In another tweet, the breast cancer survivor doctor expressed her intentions to work together with the 23-year old celebrity. She stated she wants proceeds of her failure journal to go to those who needed financial and medical assistance. She gave details how to get a copy of the said failure journal.

In Mendoza’s latest blog entry “Life Lately” last May 14, she shared, “I was in awe, to be honest. I did not think someone would actually go out of their way to support this little project of mine. Thank you very much Doc Gia for this very kind gesture. Rest assured your benefaction will be handed to those in need.”

Dr. Gia Sison and Maine Mendoza are active social media users as they use this platform to encourage. Doc Gia replies to questions asking for advice and uses the hashtag #DearDocG. Maine randomly posts inspiring messages in her socmed accounts.

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This same platform in social media becomes the bridge to make their collaboration possible. Also, May is the Mental Health month thus this initiative helps in spreading awareness and support for this advocacy.

What do you think of this team-up project? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Photos from Dr. Gia Sison

Rosella Jane “RJ” T. Vargas is a Christian by faith. She graduated from PUP-Manila with a degree in AB English. She is a freelance writer and an aspiring public speaker. 


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