Love Blog 10: A Real Life Beauty and the Beast Found in Zambales

Naty, a young woman from Pasig was among the prettiest in her city. She won beauty pageants she joined in, and she was the Queen of every Flores de Mayo. Young men adored her, while other women envied her. However, things turned upside down when her face changed. The facade of her character got lost, and the optimistic Naty turned into a timid woman who was afraid of what would become of her life.

When she lost the beauty she once had, the men who promised her a happy life all turned their back on her. Naty hated the world. She hated herself, and blamed her fate to whatever happened in her face. She left Pasig with her best friend, Upeng, to escape the harsh judgments that came along the change in her appearance. They went to Zambales and tried to forget the cruelty she experienced from people she once trusted. The unfortunate event sucked all the happiness out of Naty. She was not even sure if she still knew who she was.

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She would spend her days working in the local market. She would cover her face, and did not let anyone get close to her. She sold mangoes, and people would mock her appearance because of the fruits she sold. “You sell mangoes, but your face looks like grapes,” some would tease her. She would let it pass, but the pain always remained. She would secretly cry, and would often ask the Lord why on earth would something hideous happen to her face.

Then came Dolfo, a vibrant young man from Zambales who exudes so much youthful energy. She would frequent Naty’s store in the market and would tell her how beautiful she would become if only she would smile. Naty would shrug off Dolfo’s remarks. She was afraid of what Dolfo would say about her face, as well as the judgements that might come with it. Most importantly, she was afraid of experiencing the same rejections that caused her so much pain.

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But Dolfo was persistent. He showed Naty that her looks did not matter. Dolfo kept reminding her that she was beautiful because of her pure character and her decent heart. At first, Naty thought Dolfo was stupid for even giving her attention. She believed she did not deserve any love and attention because of her face. But perhaps there’s true love, Naty would sometimes tell herself.

True enough, Dolfo asked Naty if they could be together. Naty was confused. She was already in love with Dolfo, but she was very afraid that Dolfo would change his mind. She did not want to believe in Dolfo’s promise of forever. Conscious of her face, Naty just cried and walked away. But Dolfo pulled her back and kissed her. It was the kind of kiss so passionate that Naty believed in happiness again; that there’s nothing impossible in love. All she felt was sheer emotion she would never want to let go. The real question, however, should be: Will their love stand the test of time?

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