Love Blog 09: Enraptured By The Scenery

The evening jeepney ride is one of my many escapes from my tiresome daily routine. The cool breeze breathes upon my face giving a lingering and relaxful feeling. As we go on, I reminisce things that made me who I am today. The pain, struggles, happiness, especially the inspiring moments and other things that I worked hard for. Then, I remember you.

I remember you during my high school days. In times when I get bullied and I feel down, you were always there to cheer me up. I remember having late night conversations and long walks with you. I remember you proudly holding my hand while strolling in the malls. When I got tired, I always fall asleep on your caring shoulders and you were alert enough to hold my head every time the driver pull the brakes.

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I remember you kissing my forehead every time you take me home. I remember the taste of your dishes you made with love. I remeber you crying when your mom died and all I could do is to be there by your side. I remeber every struggle we overcame. I remember every emotion you made me feel. I remember those little things. And I miss them. I miss you.

Years passed and things have changed. 6 years means a lot. You mean a lot. Long distance relationship is hard. Still, together, we are making things work.

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As I stare blankly along the ride, I notice those city lights shining brightly like your smile. The wind caressing my face feels warm and safe like your sweet embrace. The buildings, together with the trees, look harmoniously beautiful like your attitude. That ironic combination of humorous and snobbish nailed my heart. That scenery is handsomely beautiful. That scenery makes my heart flutter. That scenery makes me happy. I want to look at that scenery and remember the feeling for as long as I live. That scenery is a great part of me. That scenery is you.

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