Loboc River Cruise: An Experience Satisfying Both Eyes and Stomach

Navigating the waters of a tranquil river fills the heart with joy. Meanwhile, satisfying the gurgles of your stomach fills you with food. But what if you can do both at once? That’s the privilege I savored by making a trip to the serene Loboc River. I’ve been looking forward to this part of my Bohol trip as my heart and stomach agree.

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A 550-peso fee entitles you to a seat at the floating restaurant. There are several cruises to choose from depending on what the appetite gods dictate you to gobble. The river vessel that you chose is assigned to a dock gate but you will be entertained by the local rondalla before you hop in to raise the ante of the festive nature. Once you are on board, the fun never stops for there will be an entertainer on board.


Aside from the trip itself, the highlight of the cruise is indeed the food. While the singer was strumming the beats of the Beatles, I glanced at the contents of the buffet table. Offered there are fried chicken, barbecue, shrimp, pancit bihon, tilapia, clam and squid for the main course. The viands alone were delicious but the trip made it tastier.

As the first wave helped propel the boat, I ate a spoonful of squid and a bite of the chicken. So far, so good. There was nothing gloomy about the taste of the squid and the chicken got an approval from my taste buds. However, the best is yet to come. At the middle of the trip wherein I have packed much calories onto my stomach, a group of locals stationed at a bamboo shade in the river bank pleased us with a presentation of Filipino folk dances.

The first half of the trip ends on an area with mini waterfalls. As the boat made a turn back to the port, I made my way to the buffet table and select from the abundant dessert options. The desserts on hand were slices of juicy watermelon, chunks of pineapple, delectable banana cue, green mango strips, and rice cakes.

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I finished my dessert frenzy a few minutes before the boat went back to the dock. As I digest the food that I’ve been blessed with, I was also ingesting the picturesque views that are frozen in my mental camera. The trip might have been over but the memories from the food fest and the river cruise in Loboc will continually be savored in my consciousness.

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