Ligaw 101: Courtship Customs That Should Make a Comeback

Times have indeed changed. From transportation, communication, music, and now, even the courtship and dating scene seems to be evolving!

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Yes, change is necessary, but don’t you just miss the good, old days sometimes? When the littlest things that don’t seem to matter actually make you feel kilig and give you butterflies in your stomach? Some ways are still practiced today but not by many, so here are some old-school courtship traditions that definitely should be revived in this modern age:

  1. Dear, Darling…

They say actions speak louder than words but handwritten love notes never go out of style! May it be long, fancy letters or short sweet-nothings, the effort of taking time to actually write instead of typing does matter. There’s just something irresistibly beautiful about having a tangible statement of one’s love instead of simply seeing them all over social media, right?

Extra pogi/ganda points: Channel your inner Balagtas (or in this generation – Lang Leav or Juan Miguel Severo) and come up with poems! As cheesy as it sounds, there’s definitely something sweet about poetry! Plus points if you also accompany it with a special DIY gift (not store bought ones!) like a scrapbook or message jars.


2.   Uso pa ba ang Harana?

When words fail, we oftentimes seek the universal language of music. And what better way to express your indescribable feelings than by singing a song? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a great singer or not but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

Extra pogi/ganda points: Re-phrase some of the song’s lyrics to make your serenade more personal or better yet, compose your very own! Besides, no one can tell your own love story like you can!


3.    It’s a (real) date!

With the emergence of malls, cinemas, and arcades, it’s easy to find go-to date spots. Still, the classic walk-in-the-park is a classic for a reason! You don’t just get to save for other things, you can also actually talk and get to know each other better instead of spending a couple of hours holed up inside a theater. Just make sure to look up the weather forecast before planning your ultimate date!

Extra pogi/ganda points: Prepare a picnic of your favorite snacks and drinks to share! Who says you gotta splurge on high-end restaurants and artsy cafes to enjoy a nice day-out and have satisfied tummies?


4.    If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends (and family!)

This may be a scary and a seemingly big step in every relationship for some but it is an important one. Aside from the actual person you’re courting, get to know the people they care about such as friends and family. Knowing that you’re making an effort to win over these important people in their lives makes a heartwarming difference!

Extra pogi/ganda points: This should go without saying but make sure to put your best foot forward! Organize a simple sit-down meal and bond over food; or if you get invited over at their place, make sure to bring a small gift or token (especially for the parentals!) You won’t just get their favor and approval, you might also discover some funny anecdotes and interesting things about your special someone!

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There are so many other ways to express one’s love but these shouldn’t only be during the courtship period, rather, be extended throughout the relationship as well.

It is also important to note that every person is different; what may work for one may not be effective for another so it’s important to consider the personalities of both parties. There are many variables to reflect on but at the end of the day, what counts are your true feelings and intentions because those are the things that matter the most.

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