Kyline Alcantara Shines in GMA’s Top-Rating Drama ‘Kambal Karibal’

Defeating La Luna Sangre in the ratings game in primetime televisions seems like an impossible feat. However, GMA 7’s paranormal-themed series Kambal Karibal did the seemingly unthinkable. It beat the Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla starrer in consecutive episodes that did not seem like a stroke of luck because of the ratings variation.

One striking asset of Kambal Karibal is newcomer Kyline Alcantara, who singlehandedly changed the love team-driven plot of the timeslot. Her team up with Bianca Umali proves to be effective in capturing the hearts of audiences. In fact, the rivalry of Umali and Alcantara is even a stronger aspect of Kambal Karibal compared to the Umali and Miguel Tanfelix tandem.

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In all honesty, Alcantara is starting to show herself as a force to be reckoned with in the acting department. Umali may have more experience, but Alcantara has a forcefield with emotional depth similar to those with years of acting experience.

She delivers her line with crisp clarity, and she acts her part in a way that induces chills. Given the right projects, Alcantara could be GMA’s next acting sensation in the mold of Sunshine Dizon, Glaiza de Castro and Katrina Halili.

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Kambal Karibal, moreover, is a good material that allows actresses like Alcantara to shine. GMA may have its fair share of weak storytelling, but Kambal Karibal is straightforward in its approach to deliver a family-oriented, rivalry-filled drama. That alone is enough validation of GMA’s intention to provide quality entertainment to viewers.

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Having said these, Alcantara is a beacon of hope in GMA’s uphill battle with the gigantic production value of ABS-CBN dramas. Armed with heartfelt storytelling and effective acting, GMA, with Kambal Karibal, may, anytime soon, regain its lead in the ratings game provided that appropriately adequate optimization will be given to potential acting giant that is Alcantara.

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