Julie Anne San Jose Releases Empowering New Track ‘Nothing Left’

“I gave you my heart till there’s nothing left,” Julie Anne San Jose claims in the powerful chorus of her new song Nothing Left. But it wasn’t too long before she turns the heartbreak groove into an empowering anthem via the lines, “nothing left to do but to say goodbye… I’m not over you, but Im’ma try.”

San Jose is no stranger to hits, as she has released popular songs throughout her young career. However, Nothing Left is a milestone that San Jose must be proud of because it’s reminiscent of the good old days of the beautifully melodic pop and R&B musical explosion during the late 90s and the early 00s. The song is a combination of everything we loved back in the day — from Brandy to Jennifer Lopez, and from Toni Braxton to Natalie Imbruglia.

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As tender as she sounds in the verses, San Jose breaks into a bastion of power halfway through before contemplating on becoming the grown woman she is on the latter part of the song.

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San Jose sounds comfortable in the song the way Kelly Clarkson would sound whenever she sings about her broken heart. She’s calm and sultry in the tradition of Janet Jackson‘s sexy classics. But her vocal prowess is thoroughly evident proving that San Jose is in the league of the Philippines’ vocal powerhouses.

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In terms of reinventing her image, San Jose is a musical chameleon that always surprises fans and otherwise with her choices and style. In a good way, though, because her reinventions never cease to amaze. With Nothing Left, San Jose proves that this is just another fresh start to a very long musical career ahead of her.

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Now, for music lovers always on the lookout for songs that will nurture their heartaches, San Jose’s new song has an advice. Get over with the hugot fix, because San Jose is celebrating a new trend: empowerment.

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