Mixed reactions and comments from fans and haters alike flooded the IV OF SPADES Facebook page because of a post in the wee hours of the morning which says that frontman Unique Salonga has officially left the band.

Photo from IV OF SPADES Fb page

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Before the May 05 announcement, the IV OF SPADES Facebook page has been actively posting memes and posts that pointed out to Unique being missed and requests not for him to leave.

IV OF SPADES is known for hits like “Hey, Barbara” and “Mundo”. Known for their flamboyant, 1970s outfit, the band has come to enjoy a wide fan base among millennials and the i-Generation kids.

IV OF SPADES is survived by Zildjian Benitez on the bass guitar, Blaster Silonga, lead guitarist, and Badjao De Castro on the drums.

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The announcement of Unique’s leaving was posted too early and IV OF SPADES losing a band member is also too early.

It’s a sad day indeed for OPM fans. IV OF SPADES was, and hopefully still, a breath of fresh air in the younger generation of Filipino music.

Oh well, it can’t be helped. Life happens.

Just one question, how do we call them now, III OF SPADES?

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