In Defense of Mocha Uson

Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson has made headlines once again. This time, she made a blunder by saying that active volcano Mayon is located not in Albay, but in Naga City. Uson, in this regard, instantly made herself a subject of ridicule; a laughing stock in the entire social media community.

However, laughing at Uson for her dimwitted remarks does not elevate the discourse. In fact, it only puts Uson in an advantaged position that might gain her more empathy from her loyal followers.

There is no question that Uson is a master in terms of social media presence. Truth be told, she is a social media icon who singlehandedly maneuvered the people to blindly adhere to whatever Presidente Duterte says is the most appropriate thing to do today.

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In terms of building an army of support, Uson has the backing of millions of active users ready to take it front and center just to defend her. It’s not, in any way, progressive to further turn these followers against the objective conditions of the society. But, it will be more beneficial if the people will be organized in taking part of clamoring for the advancement of people’s democratic rights.

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In situations where Uson shows her weaknessese, attacking her as a person only gives her strength since calling her names only provides her the victim card that her followers might find inappropriate.

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It is evident that those who do not believe in Uson readily finds fault in her statements. But instead of making it a laughing matter, be it an opportunity to expose Uson’s vulnerabilities.

Uson categorically lacks the intellectual capacity to take arguments on a high level of discourse. It is her primary weak point. Going head to head against her, however, in this area does not make the critique better. It only creates an avenue for Uson to defend herself through mobilizing her social media army knowing they will battle for her to combat the elitists.

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People detest Mocha for her divisiveness; for her use authority not to favor the people, but to glorify her president; for sowing anger and hatred rather building peace and unity; for mimicking her leader without careful assessment; for appealing to emotion when there is a need to call for objective analysis; and for utilizing a government position people believe she is not worthy of. These are the conceptual bases worthy of discourse.

Instead of making fun of Uson for her past and her present persona, let’s talk about the more pressing issues of our society. Mocha, in fact, has a point when she said that instead of focusing on the award given to her by University of Sto. Tomas, the people should focus more on the problems of our society. Now that Uson gained leverage by returning the award, her followers only admired her even more. Furthermore, now that she is being made fun of by people opposing her, her followers only felt the need the support her more.

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People must loathe Uson not because she used to be a sex guru, or for her being geographically challenged. Rather, people must question and continuously debate her on why she readily makes herself an instrument of President Duterte’s fascist regime. Uson projects herself as a defender of the marginalized, but she rallies for the bloody war on drugs. This too must be exposed!

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Instead of calling out the ills of the government, Uson takes part in the systemic problems of the institution. These are the things that merit criticism against Uson, and not people’s uncalled for humor that only becomes a double-edged sword especially since it only attracts more support to the now victimized Uson.

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In addition, during the whole Mayon Volcano fiasco started by Uson due to her inability to locate where the land form actually is, she, or Mocha Girls for that matter, made insensitive remarks against actor Enchong Dee by calling him bakla or supot for apparently bullying a woman. Now, how are people going to address and call out her rather sexist remark when Uson herself has always been a target of misogyny and sexism.

As former UP Student Regent Raoul Danniel Manuel remarked, “if I will hate Mocha, it is not because of her intellect or her past. I will hate her because she is an instrument of the fascist regime of Duterte in misleading the Filipino people.” Likewise, former Philippine Collegian editor rightfully said that, “the sooner we cease to underestimate Mocha, the sooner we can talk less about her and more about her work in government, which is so outstanding that it has continued to hoodwink many Filipinos into thinking the drug war is the best thing that ever happened to the Philippines. Mocha’s power does not lie in geography, fine words, awards, or even her office. Her power lies in her uncanny ability to tap into the hopes and dreams of ordinary Filipinos and pervert them into the service of her Dark Lord, faithless and accursed.” APAC New APAC New Zealand

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Now is not the time to go low just to prove Uson’s obvious disregard for excellence and honor. But, today is a ripe opportunity to unmask Uson for her false portrayal of a woman fighting for the honor of her country, when she actually only preys on the desperation of the masses for actual genuine social change to advance her master’s agenda.

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