#Grabwisit: 3 Reasons Why We Dislike Grab

April 2018 saw Uber’s merger with Grab. It’s not just the negative effects of a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) monopoly that worries riders, it’s the fact that the whole TNVS system is going to be “owned” by Grab, a TNVS provider that has become the object of criticism and hate by riders.

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Based on experience, here are three reasons why so many riders dislike Grab:

Grab drivers reject ride requests because of the destination. So what makes it different from taxis? If you’re going home to Navotas or Malabon, you know what I mean. Grab drivers see your destination and can choose not to accept it. Why? Well for various taxi-ish reasons: “Malayo. Wala kaming sakay pabalik.” , “Trapik papunta doon.”, “Nako, delikado kasi.”

Grab fares are more expensive. Many riders can confirm that even on low-times, Grab’s fares are unusually higher than Uber’s despite the presence of many vehicles in the area. And more often than not, Grab’s fares during peak hours can become two-times more than an Uber and a taxi fare. What a rip-off!

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Epic Fail customer service response. Charged in excess or you have a complaint regarding the ride? Grab’s response time is slow and sometimes you receive the response very late. In Uber, when you’ve been charged in excess or unreasonably charged due to cancelation, just raise the issue via the Uber app and immediately you get an Uber credit equal to what you were charged.

Convenience has a price; everyone knows this. But when you’re charged unfairly and the experience is bad, you know it’s plain cheating.

Dom writes for pay by day and writes for passion by night. He is a Japan major at the University of the Philippines. He’s fond of ramen and anime but not of nice people.

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