Five Times Angel Locsin Proved She’s a Real Angel On Earth

Celebrities often are torned between showing their real identity and pretending to be someone the audience will prefer. However, there are certain cases when celebrities choose to do things that will benefit the people, and not just do some gimmicks to add flame to their flicker.

One actress that stands out in serving the people despite her popularity and status in the entertainment industry is Angel Locsin. Notable for her performances in La Luna Sangre, Everything About Her, and Unofficially Yours, Angel is one the few artists who chose to use her influence for the greater good of the people.

Here are five times Angel Locsin proved that she is, indeed, an angel on earth.

1) Angel visited war-torn Marawi.

Amidst the clash in Marawi, Angel visited the individuals affected by the war to personally distribute relief goods and school supplies.

Together with the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, she managed to go to evacuation centers to express support to all the victims of the conflict between the government and Islamist rebels.

Photo from: Inquirer

2) Angel joined the call to stop Lumad killings.

One of the most pressing issues the country faced is the displacement, as well the killings, of the lumads in Mindanao. The indigenous peoples were living peacefully in their hometown in Mindanao when paramilitary groups attacked them, even killing some teachers of Alcadev, an alternative learning system school.

Locsin was vocal in condemning such attacks, and even recalled how her immersion in the place remained a treasure in her memory.

Photo from: Inquirer

3) Angel Locsin advocates women empowerment.

As a volunteee for Gabriela Women’s Partylist, Angel is no stranger to the plight of women experiencing domestic violence. That is why, in her projects that deal with domestic issues, she said she personally speaks to women who experienced similar stories. This way, Angel said she effectively portrays her characters since she understands the core of the issue. She even advocates for the advancement of women’s rights in society.

Photo from: ABS-CBN

4) Angel helps typhoon victims.

Whenever a typhoon hits the country, expect Angel to take lead in helping disaster victims. In 2009, when Typhoon Yolanda ravaged communities, Angel was quick to extend help by distributing relief goods to the victims. She even auctioned her vintage car just so she could further help those affected by the typhoon.

Photo from: Karl Ramirez

5) Angel extended help to Kidapawan farmers.

Angel, along with other celebrities, sent sacks of rice to the farmers of Kidapawan after a clash between police officers and farmers ensued. The latter was demanding the release of the sacks of rice, after the government failed to provide relief to drought-affected farmers.

Now, isn’t she someone we should emulate?

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