Five Thoughts on the New Sharon Cuneta – Gabby Concepcion Ad

Beautiful memories don’t always come easy, especially when it comes to a love that fell apart. In many cases, two people broken by love become strangers to each other. In some cases, they may even detest one another.

However, the new ad of a popular fast food chain featuring former reel and real love team Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta gave people all the feels. It’s all heartfelt and sincere, and that made us think of the following thought.

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1) Pain can be beautiful.

Pain can never be sugarcoated. It’s pain no matter how much we cover it with euphemisms. But in the new ad of Sharon and Gabby, pain transforms itself into a life full of color. No matter how excruciating the pain was, it can still become a tool for exciting new beginnings and warm reunions.

2) Ex-lovers can really be friends.

Former lovers know each other very well because of the amount of time spent together. If there is anyone who can be your best friend, high chance is that it’s your former lover. He or she knows your ins and outs, your happiest and your saddest, as well as your hopes and dreams. A relationship does not necessarily have to end in tragedy. If it does, it can still redeem itself through a future filled with happiness.

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3) Sharon and Gabby is still the love team to beat.

KathNiel? LizQuen? JaDine? AlDub? BiGuel? Sorry, guys! Sharon and Gabby is still the unbeatable love team. Did you see how Sharon’s eyes brightened when Gabby flashed his smile towards her? Did you see how much Gabby adores Sharon’s cute antics? For the love of life and cinema, give the two a solid comeback film.

4) It’s never too late to find love.

Love is everywhere. Yes? But finding it is not that easy, despite the presence of love in all corners of the world. The Sharon – Gabby ad is a testament to the magic of love that does not wither away even in the harshest conditions. It flourishes despite the unhappy endings that gave birth to pain. Most importantly, love is a flower that blooms even when you least expect it too.

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5) There is really forever.

You may not end up with your one true love, but love remains the same. It does not die; it does not fade. It just transforms into something else; into a love that matures to something that defines destiny. In real life, Sharon and Gabby may not have ended together, but look at how they beautiful their eyes glow when the two met each other at that fast food chain that transforms into a palace filled with love and happiness.

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