Sorry, But I Will Not Let It Pass

♩  Kalimutan mo na yan

       Sige-sige maglibang

       Wag kang magpakahibang

       Dapat ay itawa lang…♪♩

That first few lines of Ex Battalion’s Hayaan Mo Sila song which is currently hitting the airwaves and creating an LSS (last song syndrome) to listeners seems to be harmless and fun on the surface. The catchphrase even paints a persona who is carefree and someone who possesses a higher emotional quotient (EQ) in dealing with life’s harsh struggles.

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But, NO! Because if you’re quite caught with the hip-hoppy rhythm, finish the whole song, and chew on its lyrics and message, damn, it is heavy-loaded with a bloated sense of entitlement, macho sh*ts, and misogynistic remarks!

YES. An air bag sense of entitlement of being a male creature. Pa-macho rants which can be tell-tale signs of weakness. And a super Trump-level misogyny stunts (hatred of women)! APAC New APAC New Zealand

Eh, akala mo naman kung anong ipinaglalaban. Broken-hearted lang naman sa babae. Haha. I mean, lalaki lang ba ang nasasaktan? C’mon. Tapos, ganun ka na ka-hateful sa mga girls at nandamay ka pa ng iba dahil may pa-carrier single ka pa? Wag ganun, brad! Ang weak nun. Sabi nga ng Black-Eyed Peas, instead of spreading love, you’re spreading animosity. Lahat naman tayong may damdamin, lahat tayong nagmamahal, nasasaktan! Luv sh*ts, ‘ika nga. Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, and everyone in between, dumaranas ng ganyan! Si Bruno Mars nga di ba, mala-GRENADE ang feels nya sa pagkabroken hearted, pero nagalit ba sya sa gurl? Hindi di ba?

My point? Ex Battalion’s song is sending a damaging, divisive, and destructive message to its listeners in matters of the supposedly harmonious and equal co-existence of sexes and genders, especially, the men-women relationship. Real men must not resort to hating and slut-shaming women when they think they’re the only one who’s hurt in a relationship that turns sour. Real mean don’t boast on their machochism and their being “male” when in fact, it’s the very reason why women broke up with them. Real men don’t kiss and tell, and blame women at point blank when they’re hurting and dealing with pain and wasted heart. Anyone, regardless of gender, who do such horrible things is apparently emotionally unstable and immature.

Dahil ang tunay na lalaki, umiiyak kapag wasak! Humahagulgol habang sinasabi, watdapak! Yun, pak na pak!

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Okay, serious.

So, maybe Ex Battalion needs some preaching. On concepts of gender equality, even on the basics like mutual respect, good manners, and right conduct. Or, maybe WE too, as listeners and consumers of pop culture products such as songs, need some analyzing, evaluating, and critiquing of the things we hear and listen to, everyday. We must make sure that the songs we’re patronizing promote messages of unity, empathy, love, respect, sense of community and the like. Or else, we might be humming, singing, and dancing to the tune of discord, disgrace, and above all, disrespect for women and everyone else.

Hotelwiz APAC Australia

And that is something I just can’t let it pass. For sure, ang mga ganitong bagay ay hindi ko maaring hayaan! Sabi nga ni Mike Enriquez, ‘di ko kayo tatantanan!

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