Eleven Iconic Lines of Amor Powers You Must Never Forget


Rishing from the ashes, Amor Powers may just be the Philippine icon of the less fortunate who managed to make it to the top. Pangako Sa’Yo of ABS-CBN masterfully crafted Jodi Sta. Maria’s character into someone everybody could relate to. No scene is too little or too big for Amor, as her elegance and facial expressions create an atmosphere that tells the story of her past.

One important dimension of Ms. Powers’ success is the very vivid and strong backstory that elucidates who she is right now. But, other than being a powerful presence in primetime TV, Ms. Powers is an immense inspiration to everyone who suffers so much but still perseveres to rise up. With her, revenge is always tasteful and classy.

Now, we list eleven of the best lines Ms. Powers ever delivered. Surely, you can pick one and use it in any occasion where you need to be like her.

11) “Don’t ever lose yourself in love, dahil ‘yun ang pinakamaling bagay na gagawin mo.”

Who cannot relate to this? I mean, in this age when Marcelo Santos III rules the Internet with his love quotes that made life look like it’s all about love, we have Ms. Powers right here to remind us of this important lesson.


10) “Hanggang saan nga ba itong ginagawa ko?”

Life can be tough, but you can be tougher definitely. But, when all else seemingly fail, ask yourself and reassess. It’s not bad to have an Adele Chasing Pavements moment every once in a while.


9) “Sadly, there’s this thing called sabotage. ‘Yung mga hindi makatanggap na nakakalamang ‘yung iba, they bring them down. Pathetic! Effective? True. But still, pathetic!

Truth hurts, but this one hits so strong in every workplace, friendship and all other kinds of relationships. So, when you encounter people with crab mentality, you know what to say.


8) “Madaling bulagin ang taong nasisilaw sa pera.”

Probably true, especially in the case of our politicians who make life difficult for every Filipino because of their greed for money.


7) “If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my struggles, it is that we can all rise from the ashes. And no matter what life throws at us, we have the power to pick up the pieces and start again. We can become the person we always wanted to be.”

This is classic, Ms. Powers. Really classic. Cue in: Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful.


6) “Sa ngayon nasa taas sila. Pero darating ang panahong mababaligtad ang sitwasyon.”

Yes, Ms. Powers. Can we say this to all corrupt politicians, incompetent leaders and the rest of the ruling elites in our country today? This is a revolution!


5) “At kung anuman ang meron ako ngayon, ikinamatay ko para makuha lang lahat nang ‘to. Pero pinilit kong mabuhay, para magbayad sila.”

This line is everything that embodies the entirety of Ms. Powers’ character. It can be your persona too, just wear white clothes and red lipstick. Voila! There goes your inner Amor.

pangako sa yo remake jodi sta maria amor powers

4) “There’s a time and place for everything … And from what I know, every cultured people know that.”

Sorry, Madam Claudia Buenavista. But you are no match for Ms. Powers’ class.


3) “May mga bagay na hindi basta-basta nakakalimutan.”

Like, what? Like? Like love? There goes Ms. Powers with her own brand of hugot!


2) “At ‘pag bumitaw ako, babagsak sila sadlak sa lupa.”

This is scary, but this line in particular would make anyone relate to Ms. Powers and feel her pain. Eventhough your plans are evil, Ms. Powers, we support you all the way.


1) “Matitikman niyo ang batas ng isang api!”

Yes, the line that says it all. It is something that majority of the Filipino people bastardized with the country’s ruling classes has been yearning to say. Soon, no class will exploit and we will all live in harmonious equality — after the revolt of the api.


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