What Camila Cabello Did Right in Her Music

Probably the coolest thing to be today is to join the Camilizer fandom. Yes, being a fan of Camila Cabello arguably is one of the best highlights of the year. In fact, Camila’s debut record is now number one in over 90 countries around the globe. It just goes to show how far the Cuban-American sweetheart went after leaving her group, Fifth Harmony.

But what exactly is so endearingly sexy about Camila? First, she is not afraid to embrace her ethnicity. The recent years saw the zenith of latin music invasion around the world. Last year, Luis Fonsi’s Despacito spent 16 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Top celebrities including Justin Bieber and Beyonce also joined the latin phenomenon by collaborating with in-demand latin performers.

But Camila is not just a collaborator to the latin dominance in today’s pop music. She is an embodiment of its essence, especially when she showed how naturally beautiful it is to embrace the femininity of a Cuban woman in her smash hit Havana.

Camila may still be new in the industry. But she was already downright front and center in exhibiting her distinctive identity, which is far from the fabricated personas of certain musicians today.

Camila already released singles post-Fifth Harmony, like her feature credit in Machine Gun Kelly’s Bad Things, and her Christina Aguilera-inspired solo Crying In The Club. However, it was in Havana where we have seen the authentic flavors of Camila which sets her apart from her contemporaries. Even her follow-up Never Be The Same is also as genuine as it can be.


Now that Camila is perenially on the charts and on the trending topics, it is interesting to observe her career trajectory. Not many artists were given the rare chance to embrace who they are as artists, and still be loved by fans for it. Camila was given this privilege, and she is a masterful personification of womanhood, cultural affinity, and musical excellence.

It can also be said that sex is not the primary commodity to be able to sell records. In the case of Camila, she did not have to oversexualize herself to hype her solo career. What she did is not always the chosen path, but rather is a road less travelled. She capitalized on the artistry of her identity, while creating a sound that does not mimic what is the trend. For that, Camila was able to create her own brand that puts her in a good position in the music industry.

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