Best Luto Ni Nanay Vlog Finalists!

We are glad to present to you the three lucky finalists of our #CDMBestLutoNiNanayVlog Contest!

#CDMBESTLUTONINANAYVLOG 1: Ginisang Sayote by Villalyn Manaloto


#CDMBESTLUTONINANAYVLOG 2: Adobo by Caitlin Capacete


#CDMBESTLUTONINANAYVLOG 3: P and C Omelette by Louise Perante


And there you have it, our #CDMBestLutoNiNanayVlog finalists. Support your favorite entry by clicking, watching, and sharing their vlog posts. The most viewed entry on our website, wins!

The announcement of winner is on August 13, 2018. 

#CDMBestLutoNiNanayVlog contest was made possible by Philippine Airlines. 

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