Alden Richards Gets Finalist Nod at New York Festivals for ‘Alaala’

The Alden Richards starrer Alaala gets a finalist nod on the Docudrama at the 2018 New York Festivals. The TV special, which is set during the Martial Law period, features the life of human rights activist Bonifacio Ilagan, whose life is dedicated to advance the causes of the people especially during the oppressive times of the Marcos regime.

When the TV special aired, it stirred a lot of controversy online because Marcos apologists claimed it was just a political propaganda. However, historical assessment would help people understand how cruel that era actually was.

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GMA Network, for its part, earned praises for being brave particularly in this time when it is not necessarily desirable to side with the people because of prevalent political atrocities happening everywhere.

Meanwhile, in Alaala, Richards proved his worth as an actor by playing a risky role. His superstar status of being a matinee idol could be endangered by playing in an extremely political project. However, Richards portrayed Ilagan with absolute acting prowess. He showed that mainstream actors, no matter how boxed they may be in imagined stereotypes, could contribute to nationalist awakening.

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It was not only Richards who was commended in this project. His co-stars Rocco Nacino, Bianca Umali and Gina Alajar were also praised for their effective portrayals. Alaala, in way or the other, is a testament to the power of television to influence people to valid political causes.

Alaala reaped great reviews and good ratings. It only goes to show that the dark chapter of Philippine history is still remembered by the present generation. Alaala was directed by Adolfo Alix, Jr. and Rember Gelera. It was produced by GMA News and Public Affairs.

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The 2018 New York Festivals honors the world’s best TV and film projects in over 50 countries. For this year, other than Alaala, GMA Network received 11 more finalist nods for the programs: State of the Nation with Jessica Soho, Front Row, Reel Time, I-Witness, Brigada and Reporters Notebook. Jessica Soho also earned a nod as Best Anchor.

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