About Us

We are a result of a beautiful metamorphosis.

From a mere organization website, we have transformed into an independent online magazine platform, showcasing the richness of Philippine culture, arts, history and values.

The everyday things Filipinos ignore are given a fresh take so we may begin to look at these with a new and better perspective.

We believe that in moving forward, Filipinos need to go back to basic — to our roots. By looking back to understand our colorful history, we will begin to appreciate the diversity, the differences that make us one people, one nation.

We also use this platform to trumpet Filipino Science and Technology. It is part of our vision to create a Filipino mindset that looks at science, engineering and technology as the future of the Philippines.

Our stories are not meant solely for Filipinos.

We offer these to all of you around the world, regardless of your nationality, color, sex and creed.

You may want to take an interest or some pints of curiosity in the diversity, the quirkiness, the dreams, the inner beauty of the Filipino nation.

A small country with more than 7,000 islands and 100 million people surely provides a mine of beautiful stories – one or two of which may help you make sense of this world’s craziness.


ClaireDelfinMedia.com is owned and managed by Claire Delfin Media Services, a creative multimedia production house.

Claire Delfin Media Services started operation with one desktop computer, occupying a very small corner at the dining area of its founder’s house.

It later moved out, and now holds office in a newly-built medium-rise building on Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.

With a mix of serious journalists and creative individuals as frontliners, it has become a full-blown production house that strives to produce creative and relevant concepts, campaigns and content.

Working with a wide clientele that includes foreign embassies, corporations, government agencies, non-government organizations, and showbiz and political personalities, Claire Delfin Media Services focuses on two things — SUBSTANCE and STYLE.

It is named after its founder, Claire Delfin, a multi-awarded journalist with two decades of experience in television, radio, online and print media.

As a journalist, she has written numerous investigative reports on the issues of women and children, education, and health.

She is also passionate about Philippine culture, arts, history, science and technology.